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EU Code Week

Presenter: Lucie Jagu (GB)

Summary: 1 week,  38 countries, 3000 activities, 100 000 + participants : EU Code custom jerseys Week 2014 was the biggest oakley outlet celebration of coding across Europe! EU Code Week fake oakleys is returning Wholesale NFL Jerseys this year  from 10-18 October 2015, offering even 618 more events for all kinds of groups: from beginners to advanced coders, Fake Oakleys for everyone from job-seekers looking to learn a new skill to robot fans and girl geeks.

Type of participation: Talk

Tickle: Visual Programming meets Arduino, Connected Toys, and Smart Homes

Presenter(s): Mike Chen (TW)

Summary: Tickle is a visual programming language for the iPad, inspired by Scratch and Blockly. It’s designed to enable anyone to easily program smart devices – without wires and installing extensions. Attendees will get a chance to program a variety of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices using Tickle, and learn which ones are best for their educational programs. *Please bring an iPad if you have one.

Type of participation: Talk

Bridging the Gap between Blocks and Text via Game Development

Presenter(s): Ursula Wolz (US)

Summary: There is anecdotal evidence that Scratchers may struggle with text-based programming. This workshop presents a series of exercises developed in response to middle school students’ request to move to Java. Eight small Scratch programs are introduced that cover the essentials of coding and game design. Ten Processing examples follow covering the same concepts. All were tested by 4th – 9th graders.

Type of participation: Talk

Moving from Paper to Scratch to Python

Presenter(s): David Ames (GB)

Summary: A whistle stop, hands on, tour of how I’ve used both Scratch and Python in an introductory programming course with 11-14 year olds. With a focus on drawing out the links between how students plan out what they’re going to do, how they would do it using Scratch and then how they might implement the same structures using Python.

Type of participation: Talk

Pixie: learn how to program step by step

Presenter(s): Luis Carbajosa (ES)

Summary: PIXIE is a support system to teach programming created from a standard system based on visual cheap oakley sunglasses blocks Cheap Jerseys of code inspired oakley outlet by Scratch and 35 based on Blockly. PIXIE develops a whole ecosystem of academic cheap nfl jerseys management, courses, classes and teaching materials, all organized around cheap oakleys sunglasses a completely integrated programming environment.

Type of participation: Talk

A New Subject in a New Curriculum: Exemplifying Computing Science in Scottish Schools using Scratch

Presenter(s): Jeremy Scott (GB)

Summary: To reinvent our subject, jordan sale we must provide cheap nfl jerseys learners with an experience of Computing Science (CS) that’s accessible and exciting. Over the last three years, Jeremy Scott has led a national project to exemplify the teaching of CS in Scottish schools using cheap ray bans Scratch. His curricula wholesale nfl jerseys draw upon the latest pedagogical research to deliver cheap ray bans the subject in a way that’s relevant to learners’ own com digital lives.

Type of participation: Talk

Using Scratch to develop computational thinking with primary age pupils

Presenter(s): Phil Bagge (GB)

Summary: Over the last three years Phil has taught over 1200 hours cheap oakleys of primary computing science at ray ban sunglasses six primary schools in the cheap nhl jerseys UK. As well as sharing By his journey cheap oakley sunglasses with lots of other teachers via his code-it.co.uk website. He is cheap jordans convinced that programming is the best way to use and teach about computational thinking and that Scratch is the premier tool for this.

Type of participation: Talk

‘What I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I understand.’ Lessons learned: 2 years Fabschool kids.

Presenter(s): Henk Buursen and Karien Vermeulen (NL)

Summary: Making is a por trend. And is cheap oakleys sunglasses fun. But more than fun for many people, making is a fundamental cheap authentic jerseys intrinsic need. In creating the world we encounter, we get new experiences and learn about what works and what does not. Making leads to new insights and cheap jerseys opportunities. And “Learning by making” provides a ray ban outlet wealth of opportunities for education.

Type cheap nhl jerseys of participation: Talk