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Update: the live recorded streams are still available thru the link provided.

On top of that our video crew released 40 video’s thru our Vimeo channel.

While at Science Park we’ll stream three lecture rooms and all sessions recorded will be available within an hour of ending. Thank you University of Amsterdam.

Opening (Wednesday at OBA) and closing day (Saturday at Zuiderkerk / Doelenzaal will be partly recorded (by hand, be patient with the editors).

Amsterdam Safari

On Friday evening custom jerseys the conference will have a distributed social event: Amsterdam Safari.

Starting from Waag Nieuwmarkt cheap oakleys groups approximately 25 persons in size make a city walk to end at one of the following places.

Don’t worry when your not among the lucky ones. At Waag itself we have a fine unconference with drinks, food and other sources of inspiration.

  1. At Pianola Museum you’ll hear century old music machines play unplayable music and more.
  2. At Eye you’ll visit the excellent exhibition on Kentridge
  3. The Lloyd Hotel is worth visiting without staying there. hockey jerseys And even if you booked a room there you might Rodnya be interested to learn more about the history of the building.
  4. The Kattenkabinet is a museum dedicated to cat art. Situated in a century old canal ray bans sale house a cheap nfl jerseys visit doubles as a view on how the rich lived in 17th century Amsterdam
  5. The Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) would love to meet you and talk about how libraries should evolve in digitizing times.
  6. World best open air film festival Pluk de Nacht could also be the desitination!


Thursday August 13 evening the theatrum oakley outlet anatomicum at Waag will be the decor of the first Scratch TeachMeet. TeachMeet is a Scottish invention to exchange lots of interesting stories at high speed. Slideware is discouraged, sometimes even forbidden. Every now and then there’s lottery. The wholesale nfl jerseys schedule is made up on the spot with a wheel of fortune (you have to announce your wish to speak before). As only 70 fit into the theatre it may be the case cheap ray bans you only get in when de you’re at that wheel of fortune!

Don’t worry, on the other floor the unconference has nice drinks, finger food Wholesale Jerseys and other sources of inspiration.

Timeslots are strict 2 or 7 minutes. Audience may shout you off stage.

More details to be announced soon by the host of that evening: <a Cheap china Jerseys href=”” target=”_blank”>Drew Buddie.

Where in the World Project Using Scratch, Pixie and Google Docs in a 5th Grade Social Studies Classroom

Presenter(s): hockey jerseys Elise Durkee (US)

Summary: Come and learn about how one simple coding game in Scratch has oakleys outlet inspired an cheap nfl jerseys elementary educational technologist in to develop a multidisciplinary project-based-learning activity Wholesale NFL Jerseys for 5th graders. An award-nominated, “Where in the World Coding project” was created to incorporate: research skills, map creation skills, collaborative skills Google docs and fake oakleys merged them into a Coding game in Scratch.

Type of participation: Poster

Scratch in the classroom: a teacher training experience in Brazil

Presenter(s): Adelmo Eloy, Eduardo Aranibar Silva (Ayrton Senna Institute BR)

Download Cheap Jerseys presentation:Ignite – Ayrton Senna Institute


We will present an experience with six Brazilian cheap oakley sunglasses public schools, in which teachers from different academic backgrounds were trained to run computational thinking courses with Scratch cheap authentic jerseys and materials. We are going to present our proposed methodology, the results obtained so is far, some evaluation experiences and oakley outlet the future plans to the pilot project.

Type of participation: Ignite

Cheap Jerseys

EU Code Week

Presenter: Lucie Jagu (GB)

Summary: 1 week,  38 countries, 3000 activities, 100 000 + participants : EU Code custom jerseys Week 2014 was the biggest oakley outlet celebration of coding across Europe! EU Code Week fake oakleys is returning Wholesale NFL Jerseys this year  from 10-18 October 2015, offering even 618 more events for all kinds of groups: from beginners to advanced coders, Fake Oakleys for everyone from job-seekers looking to learn a new skill to robot fans and girl geeks.

Type of participation: Talk

Coding with ScratchJr, students 6-9 years old

Presenter: Mie Menmark (SE)

Summary: Nothing is impossible. oakley outlet We are learning a new language, programming language. We use scratchJr along cheap ray bans with other programming apps and practical exercises in preschool to year3 in school subjects and at leisure. The digital tools are a natural and vital ray ban outlet part of learning. Everyone can! em Everything becomes possible. cheap jerseys from china Come and see cheap oakleys sunglasses and try on my workshop.

Type of participation: Ignite

Scratchconferentie zoekt logeeradressen

Het publiek van onze conferentie komt uit de hele wereld Espanhol en varieert in leeftijd van 18 tot 81. Met name de jongere deelnemers en deelnemers uit Oost Europa fake oakleys en verder hebben al moeite om de reiskosten te betalen. Voor hen Cheap Oakleys ben ik op zoek naar Amsterdamse gastadressen.

Indien u meer informatie wholesale Jerseys wilt kunt u mij oakley outlet via onderstaande cheap nfl jerseys kanalen bereiken.

Joek van Montfort
Prinseneiland 4
1013 LR Amsterdam

Agnese Addone

Agnese Addone (@agaddone) is the CoderDojo Roma champion. <img class="alignright wp-image-1183 size-medium" src="×300.jpg" alt="agneseaddone" width="295" height="300" srcset="×300.jpg Cheap mlb Jerseys 295w,×1024.jpg 1008w, 1510w” sizes=”(max-width: 295px) 100vw, 295px” />

She actively cheap ray bans promotes the italian and international network of free coding club for kids.

Working as a primary school teacher at the Alfieri Lante della Rovere Institute in Rome, Italy, she is passionate about Scratch and the theory of the 4P.

She cooperates with the italian Digital Champion and is involved in many public italian events for the promotion of creative coding and the responsible use of the Internet (no-bullying initiatives, online reputation, creative use of social networks).

She is also working on projects to cheap football jerseys build creative and social enviroments for italian educators and teachers.

Meet the others in the team:
Menno GrootveldClaude TerosierSamir SaidaniMargaret LowSusan Ettenheim vaiLinda FernselJens MönigRalf Romeikecheap jerseys <a Cheap Oakleys href=””>Cobie van de Ven – Joek van Montfort