Amsterdam Safari

On Friday evening custom jerseys the conference will have a distributed social event: Amsterdam Safari.

Starting from Waag Nieuwmarkt cheap oakleys groups approximately 25 persons in size make a city walk to end at one of the following places.

Don’t worry when your not among the lucky ones. At Waag itself we have a fine unconference with drinks, food and other sources of inspiration.

  1. At Pianola Museum you’ll hear century old music machines play unplayable music and more.
  2. At Eye you’ll visit the excellent exhibition on Kentridge
  3. The Lloyd Hotel is worth visiting without staying there. hockey jerseys And even if you booked a room there you might Rodnya be interested to learn more about the history of the building.
  4. The Kattenkabinet is a museum dedicated to cat art. Situated in a century old canal ray bans sale house a cheap nfl jerseys visit doubles as a view on how the rich lived in 17th century Amsterdam
  5. The Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) would love to meet you and talk about how libraries should evolve in digitizing times.
  6. World best open air film festival Pluk de Nacht could also be the desitination!