Thursday August 13 evening the theatrum oakley outlet anatomicum at Waag will be the decor of the first Scratch TeachMeet. TeachMeet is a Scottish invention to exchange lots of interesting stories at high speed. Slideware is discouraged, sometimes even forbidden. Every now and then there’s lottery. The wholesale nfl jerseys schedule is made up on the spot with a wheel of fortune (you have to announce your wish to speak before). As only 70 fit into the theatre it may be the case cheap ray bans you only get in when de you’re at that wheel of fortune!

Don’t worry, on the other floor the unconference has nice drinks, finger food Wholesale Jerseys and other sources of inspiration.

Timeslots are strict 2 or 7 minutes. Audience may shout you off stage.

More details to be announced soon by the host of that evening: <a Cheap china Jerseys href=”https://twitter.com/digitalmaverick” target=”_blank”>Drew Buddie.