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Using Scratch to reduce conflicts and increase self-esteem

Presenter(s): Helena Romano, João Torres, Miguel Figueiredo

Summary: EduScratch and CPCJ Setúbal, Portugal, implemented a club with the custom jerseys class teacher. Several activities fake oakleys were developed so that 16 feito students, who NBA Jerseys Cheap have failed once at least, were trained in Scratch. Some pupils became monitors and began Cheap Oakleys to set up the Scratch Programming Club, taking full cheap ray bans responsibility for the preparation of the materials and training their peers.The project achieved its objectives.

Type of participation: Poster

Build your international Scratch-Wikis in your native language: World Wide Wikis

Presenter(s): fake oakleys Martin Wollenweber, cheap jerseys Linda Fernsel (DE)

Summary: Founders and members of oakley outlet the German language Scratch catena Wiki want to help international Scratch communities establish Scratch-Wikis in their own language. After we launched the German Wiki in fake oakleys 2012, last year authentic nfl jerseys followed an Indonesian and a Russian Wiki that we are actively supporting and all of us are connected through interwiki. What about your language?

Type of participation: Poster

Tickle: Visual Programming for Internet of Things (IoT)

Presenter(s): Mike Chen (TW)

Summary: Our world is rapidly fake oakleys becoming wirelessly connected. Tickle is a visual programming language explicitly designed for Internet of Things. Come try a variety hockey jerseys of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi devices that you can program right from your iPad, including cheap nfl jerseys drones, robots, again Arduino, and smart home Cheap nfl jerseys devices.

Type of ray ban sunglasses participation: Poster

Byte sized videos to jump start coding in Scratch, Snap and Processing

Presenter(s): Ursula Wolz, Fake Oakleys Chris Dunne (US)

Summary: Video tutorials are all the rage for providing blended instruction. This Cheap NFL Jerseys China presentation demonstrates cheap jordan key elements to a good video production that has cheap ray bans been field tested with Scratchers aged 9 – 14. Belasteguin Developed Cheap nfl jerseys with Chris Dunne, aka Wodunne in the Scratch community our technique provides immediate, efficient information for novice and intermediate programmers.

Type of participation: Poster

Teaching abstraction in computer science through the use of Scratch

Presenter(s): Dr. Michal Armoni (IL)

Summary: Abstraction is one of the most wholesale jerseys fundamental throwback nba jerseys ideas in computer science (CS). However, teaching this soft concept to novices is a very complicated task. In our research we examine a simple pedagogical strategy for cheap jordan teaching abstraction as part of an introductory CS unit to 7th graders. This unit covers basic ideas and of CS fake ray ban sunglasses through cheap jerseys the use of Scratch.

Type of participation: Poster

Fabschool/ Cryptokids

Presenter(s): Henk Buursen, Karien Vermeulen, Robin van Westen (NL)

Summary: We will present fabschool and cryptokids. Fabschool is meant for ages 8-12, it teaches children how to make and explore technology and work with machines. Cryptokids is a cryptoparty for kids in which hacking, networks and privacy are the main keywords.

Type of participation: Poster

Scratch in Teacher Education in Iceland

Presenter(s): Salvor Gissurardottir (IS)

Summary: This paper discusses ways how Scratch could be introduced into teacher education. From 2012 to 2014 Scratch has been used to introduce first year teacher education classes in Iceland to coding and programming, but also as an environment to collaborate with others and remix and tinker and prepare for the environment of tomorrow. The aim is to prepare future teachers who can be agents of change.

Type of participation: Poster

The Beauty and Joy of Computing and the Snap! programming language

Presenter(s): Dan Garcia, Brian Harvey, Jens Moenig, Michael Ball (US)

Summary: The Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC) is a Snap!-based non-majors computer science curriculum aimed at bringing serious CS ideas such as recursion and higher order functions to a broad audience, with special emphasis on traditionally excluded groups including women and minorities.

Type of participation: Poster

A smart girl writes code

Presenter(s): Ines Duits (NL)

Summary: Ines Duits created a book for girls. The main concept is that programming doesn’t make you a technical person, but a creative one. Now more then even, girls are producing media. They upload to their youtube accounts, they write blogs and create fan art. It would be a real shame if these girls would not be able to code, because it will limit them and make them dependend on those who can.

Type of participation: Poster