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Interact with Scratch using your mind

Presenter(s): Carmelo Presicce (IT)

Summary: Have you ever dreamed about moving objects using your mind? You can do it with Scratch! MindWave Scratch extension works with a low-cost EEG headset, Neurosky Mindwave, that can detect your concentration and meditation levels, processing your brainwaves. Data can be used in Scratch projects in real time to create mind controlled games and thought driven animations. Come and try it yourself!

Type of participation: Poster

Unleash your Arduino!

Presenter(s): Romain Liblau, Alexandre Lamandé, Belaid Abdellah, François Sylvestre, Loïc Tangre (FR)

Summary: Have you been showing kids how to tinker with Arduino on Scratch? Did they ever wish they could get rid of the usb cable in order to create stand-alone objects? Well now they can !! Working with engineering students form Sup Galilée (Paris), Magic Makers released a tool allowing you to load your Scratch projects on an Arduino and pull the plug ! Come check this out at our tour booth.

Type of participation: Poster

Robot-Puppet Show with Scratch and Aisoy1

Presenter(s): Frank Sabaté (ES)

Summary: Ten year-old students, in pairs, direct a puppet show. They’ve got two actors: two Aisoy1 robots. During a whole term, they write the script, create the scenarios, make the costumes (with the help of a group of grandmothers) and they program the show using Scratch 2 and the Aisoy extension. Finally, the shows are represented to their partners and recorded.

Type of participation: Poster

When sharing computer science with everyone also helps avoiding digital prejudices: a practice report.

Presenter(s): Marie Duflot, Martin Quinson, Florent Masseglia, Didier Roy, Julien Vaubourg (FR)

Summary: We, computer scientists, have to increase human knowledge, e.g. help to better understand what is mechanical intelligence. But we also have the duty to share this knowledge with everyone. To be sure that everyone benefits from the derived technology, creative computing with Scratch, unplug activities, and playful robotics are our best friends. Let us witness.

Type of participation: Poster

No One Left Behind – Unlocking inclusive gaming creation and experiences in formal learning situations

Presenter(s): Anja Petri (AT)

Summary: In the European project No One Left Behind we aim to include digital game-based learning into the school curriculum. It will unlock inclusive gaming creation in formal learning situations. By using Pocket Code teens can create games on their mobile devices, with the aim of enhancing their abilities across all academic subjects, as well as their computational thinking, creativity and social skills.

Type of participation: Poster

Interactive Computer Science Learning Tools for Adults

Presenter(s): Arteesha Bosamia (GB)

Summary: cheap oakley sunglasses This poster will include interactive demonstration of a mobile tool that I have created for adults Vinyl to learn particular CS concepts (such as sorting algorithms). The purpose behind Fake Oakleys project is to help adults in their learning of a ray ban sunglasses particular CS concept through mobile gaming which can appeal to hockey jerseys a wider audience and encourage adults that have an interest in learning concepts, but have difficulties utilising currently existing fake oakleys resources.

Type of participation: Poster

GP: A Scratch-like Language for Applications

Presenter(s): John Maloney, Jens Mönig, Yoshiki Ohshima (US)

Summary: This poster session will present GP, custom jerseys a new, Scratch-like oakley outlet blocks cheap oakleys language that can deploy finished applications. GP (currently under development) can be extended by writing code wholesale nfl jerseys as either Cheap NFL Jerseys text or blocks. started Stop by for a demo and let us know what you think.

Type of participation: Poster

Imagine Scratch in 3D

Presenter(s): Derek Breen (US)

Summary: StarLogo Nova cheap nba jerseys brings Wholesale Jerseys blocks-based programming into Cheap Jerseys the third dimension. While StarLogo TNG added blocks and a 3D workspace, Nova is a more streamlined simulation and Wholesale China Jerseys game development tool, running in the browser and taking full advantage of oakley outlet cloud-based services. Best of all it is free to use and available action right now at www.slnova.org!

Type of participation: Poster