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The 3 Rs are covered; we know how to Read, Write and do Arithmetic. Time to Teach the 3 Ds: Design, Develop & Debug

Presenter(s): Stephen Howell (IE)

Summary: This Ignite is a call to action for teachers everywhere, we must attack the digital literacy problem just as strongly as lexical literacy. Prof. Wing’s Computational Thinking has emboldened a generation of teachers, but so many educators fear teaching technology that we must be evangelists in our schools and promulgate the 3 Ds of Design, Develop and Debug.

Type of participation: Ignite

GP: A Scratch-like Language for Applications

Presenter(s): John Harold Maloney (US)

Summary: Have you ever wanted to use a Scratch-like programing system to build applications for your laptop or mobile device? Have you ever wanted to extend Scratch with new capabilities? This talk will provide a “sneak peek” at GP, a powerful new blocks language currently under development.

Type of participation: Ignite

Writing a Scratch Book for Girls (and Boys)

Presenter: Derek Breen (US)

Summary: When commissioned to write a book about Scratch targeting children from eight to twelve years old, I had two main priorities: emphasize design over coding and strike a balance between projects which would appeal to girls vs. boys. Fortunately I had two target readers in my family, my nine-year-old niece and eleven-year-old nephew. Each would challenge me to make the book “more for them”.

Type of participation: Ignite

NextGen Scratch Wizkids

Presenters: Arteesha Bosamia, Matthew Healey, Andrew Sula, Stephen Pithouse and Robert Sandford (GB)

Summary: Technology Volunteers is an initiative where programmers and non-programmers work together to teach Scratch to children. With a live demonstration of ideas, this presentation will show how this cross-disciplinary team at University of Warwick in England brings a valuable range of perspectives to teaching Scratch. We will describe the impact Scratch has had on children in the local community.

Type of partication: Ignite

Cat: A Computer Adaptive Test to Help Students Learn Programming

Presenter(s): Jan replica oakleys Janiszewski (NL)

Summary: With only limited external help from teachers, children often encounter difficulties in their learning process within the Scratch environment. Therefore, we created cheap nfl jerseys a computer adaptive test that assesses the programming ability of elementary school children and provides them with feedback on difficult programming concepts. diz We cheap nfl jerseys expect students throwback nba jerseys to learn programming faster and become more motivated.

Type of oakley sunglasses participation: Ignite

Creative Computer Science | digital data driven dance

Presenter(s): Genevieve Smith-Nunes (GB)

Summary: [arra]stre: is a digital cheap oakleys data driven dance performance that derives its movements and concepts from computer cheap oakleys science theory. Push It’s performance breaks down certain theories and concepts through the movement of ballet. This custom jerseys project aims to increase understanding and reduce oakley outlet people’s fear of the subject of computer science. fake oakleys Specifically to engage people into using and understanding technology more often.

Type of participation: Ignite

Block languages for the visually impaired

Presenter: Brian Harvey (US)

Summary: Block languages (Scratch, Snap!, Blockly, App Inventor, StarLogo TNG) have had a surge of popularity in introductory computer science curricula because of their strong appeal to traditionally underrepresented groups, especially girls. But they threaten to exclude one group: the visually impaired. How can we extend software and curricula to solve this problem?

Type of participation: Discussion

Design Thinking and Scratch?

Presenter(s): Emer Beamer (NL)

Summary: How do children form their ideas of what they want to make and program in Scratch? And how do design thinking and project based learning play a role in this? A quick session to connect the people who are working with design thinking, project based learning, real world inquiry and linking these activities or using scratch (in combination with hummingbird kit).

Type of participation: Ignite