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Presenter(s): Andrea Mayr-Stalder, Michael Aschauer (AT)

Summary: Presentation of the project “”Turtlestitch”” which provides NBA Jerseys Cheap an oakley outlet interface between Snap! and a stitching machine for output. cheap oakleys sunglasses The aim of the project is twofold, to experiment is generative em aesthetics and serve ray bans sale as fake ray bans an environment for workshops for introducing the basics of programming for young people

Type of participation: Ignite

Scratch projects on smartphone

Presenter(s): Wolfgang Slany (AT)

Summary: I present a free service that allows to transform Scratch projects into Pocket Code programs that can be executed and, what’s more, also directly edited Cheap NFL Jerseys on any Cheap NFL Jerseys smartphone cheap jordan or tablet. In fact the editing may be necessary to replace Cheap Oakleys keyboard fake oakleys input by sensors or multi touch features built into the Gabi smartphones.

Type of participation: Ignite

Scratch in the Italian CoderDojo community

Presenter(s): Carmelo Presicce (IT)

Summary: CoderDojo is a global network of free, volunteer led, coding clubs for kids, in which young people usually start using Scratch, helped by mentors, following a constructionist approach. I’ll talk about CoderDojo as a learning environment as well as a creative community, sharing experiences from CoderDojo Bologna and from many other dojos I had the opportunity to visit and help in Italy.

Type of participation: Ignite

Computer Science at Primary Schools in Portugal

Presenter(s): Joao Orvalho (PT)

Summary: Sooner or later, Portugal will introduce CS at primary school. In Portugal the overwhelming majority of students in undergraduate education for primary school teachers are women. And then? In these last six years in Coimbra I have given training in computational thinking, using Scratch, to the future primary teachers in the 1st year of his undergraduation (teacher education), where 99% of the students is female.

Type of participation: Ignite

Using Scratch Jr as a learning support tool in Kindergarten

Presenter(s): Angela Sofia Lombardo (IT)

Summary: I will share my experience as a learning support teacher, introducing Scratch Jr to a 5 years old kindergartener as a cognitive stimulation tool. This rapidly became an experience of empowering socialization between peers and expressing emotion through creativity.

Type of participation: Ignite

Programmo anch’io

Presenter(s): Alberto Barbero and Eleonora Pantò (IT)

Summary: DSCHOLA is a nonprofit Italian association working in the Piedmont area (NW of Italy) to promote the enhancement in schools of the use of ICT in teaching and learning . One of the latest project, called “Programmo anch’io”, financed by the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, has involved 150 classes in 75 JH&H schools for a total of 3000 students (75 full days of CS education with Scratch).

Type of participation: Ignite

Robot-Puppet Show with Scratch and Aisoy1

Presenter(s): Frank Sabaté (ES)

Summary: Ten year-old students, in pairs, direct a puppet show. They’ve got two actors: two Aisoy1 robots. During a whole term, they write the script, create the scenarios, make the costumes (with the help of a group of grandmothers) and they program the show using Scratch 2 and the Aisoy extension. Finally, the shows are presented to their partners and recorded.

Type of participation: Ignite

Doodling in Code: A simple framing of coding activity that invites creative exploration and playfulness

Presenter(s): Adam Colestock (US)

Summary: In my work teaching kids to program, I sometimes see kids overwhelmed by the scope of their favorite projects on the Scratch site and the ambitious games that they want to create. I propose that occasionally framing the work of coding as ‘doodling’ for developing programmers provides an entry point that is inviting and promotes exploration and play.

Type of participation: Ignite