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Sniff – writing Scratch in text and creating IoT devices

Presenter(s): Ian Stephenson, Tom Stacey Cheap Football Jerseys (GB)

Summary: Join researchers NBA Jerseys Cheap from Bournemouth ray bans sale University in the UK who show you how to code in they Sniff. This follow-on language from Scratch forgoes blocks and choosing, for text and writing. Unlike Python or C, you cheap nfl jerseys already know Sniff, because it is Scratch in text. You’ll find you can write programs quickly, easily and elegantly because you already know it. This workshop session allows cheap oakleys you to get hands-on.

Type of participation: Workshop

BeetleBlocks: 3D design and fabrication in a Snap-like environment

Presenter(s): Duks Koschitz, Eric Rosenbaum, Jens Mönig, Bernat Romagosa (ES)

Summary: BeetleBlocks is a visual, blocks-based programming ray bans sale environment for 3D design and cheap jerseys fabrication. cheap ray bans BeetleBlocks programs move a graphical “beetle” around a 3D world, where it can place to 3D shapes, extrude its path as a tube, and cheap oakleys generate fake oakleys geometry in other ways. The resulting 3D geometry can be exported as a 3D-printable file.

Type of participation: Workshop

Connecting Scratch 2.0 with… everything!

Presenter(s): Massimo Avvisati (IT)

Summary: Scratch 2.0 offline editor offers the opportunity cheap nfl jerseys to all developers to create interesting extensions. In this short presentation we’ll see how cheap oakleys outlet to connect Scratch to a Processing “helper” enabling us to write customized blocks capable de to communicate to any kind of software or hardware! Internet of Things, online services or 3D video-games are oakley outlet just some examples of how this strategy can help educational projects cheap jerseys to go Fake Oakleys beyond Scratch limits!

Type of participation: Workshop