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Free Scratch from the evil Sulfator!

Presenter(s): Pierre Morsa, Natacha Morsa, Mary Leviandier, Quentin Depuydt (FR)

Summary: The evil Sulfator hates progress. He has kidnapped Scratch, to prevent children from learning how to code! Will you manage to program Scratch and LEGO WeDo to rescue Scratch and save the children from Sulfator? Make the story progress by solving increasingly difficult puzzles, discover how Scratch and LEGO WeDo interact, and learn how to control the motor, tilt and motion sensors.

Type of participation: Workshop

Extend Scratch!

Presenter(s): Shane Clements, Chris Willis-Ford, Sayamindu Dasgupta (US)

Summary: Scratch “extensions” let Scratch connect to the outside world, including web services (like weather databases and translation services) or physical devices (like sensors and robotics kits). This hands-on workshop will introduce extensions and help you make your own using the new “scratchx.org” extension development website. Some knowledge of JavaScript required for participation in this workshop.

Type of participation: Workshop

Serious Science with Silly Sensors

Presenter(s): Margaret Low, Andrew Sula, Arteesha Bosamia, Marie Low, Martin Luk, Matthew Healey, Robert Sandford, Stephen Pithouse, Tom Preece (GB)

Summary: Young people are encouraged to carry out experiments in order to develop a better understanding of science. This workshop explores how we can sense events taking place around us, to gain an understanding of science. We will develop and calibrate some simple scientific instruments to carry out experiments. using picoboards and arduinos. Technology Volunteers www.warwick.ac.uk/techvolunteers

Type of participation: Workshop

The mobile way of game creation – Pocket Code

Presenter(s): Christian Schindler (AT)

Summary: This workshop provides a quick introduction to Pocket Code. When you know Scratch you can work with Pocket Code within minutes. We will finish a small tutorial game which enables you to implement your own ideas on your mobile device and face the upcoming “Pocket Jam”-challenge which is organized by Bernadette Spieler and featured by Jonathan Smith (LEGO Games producer and Co-Director of GameCity).

Type of participation: Workshop

Create Real Apps With Blocks

Presenter(s): John Maloney, Jens Mönig, and Yoshiki Ohshima (US)

Summary: Join us for a hands-on “sneak preview” of a new programming system that lets you turn ray ban sunglasses your blocks projects into oakley sunglasses native apps cheap nfl jerseys that you can share and distribute. In red, this workshop, cheap ray bans you’ll try out a pre-alpha prototype of GP, a new blocks-all-the-way-down language that looks and feels similar to Scratch, fake ray bans but adds capabilities to create and deploy bigger and more complex projects. Limit: 30.

Type of participation: Workshop

Hip-Hop Dance and Scratch

Presenter(s): Ricarose Roque and Eric Schilling (US)

Summary: Join the MIT Scratch Team Cheap Jerseys in a hip-hop dance workshop using Scratch. In this workshop, we’ll program hip-hop dance designers moves, such as popping and toprocking. Afterwards, we’ll share our projects and discuss other interest-based pathways into Scratch. This project is part of an cheap oakleys initiative with the DML Research Hub Cheap NFL Jerseys and the wholesale jerseys Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society. No prior dance skills required.

Type of participation: Workshop

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Snapi! – Play with APIs and OpenData with our Snap! extension

Presenter(s): Bernat Romagosa (ES)

Summary: Snapi! is our home-brewed Snap! extension that targets APIs and OpenData. In this workshop we’ll learn how to access and make use of REST APIs from a Snap!-like environment, all this while explaining our experiences with getting kids to understand and play with APIs.

Type of participation: Workshop

Fun with ScratchJr and other coding games

Presenter(s): Mie Menmark (SE)

Summary: Try scratchJr and practical exercises in problem solving and learning to encode with and for preschool children.

Type of participation: Workshop

Round the Circuit – using unconventional methods to control Scratch

Presenter(s): Sinead Moxham & Drew Buddie (GB)

Summary: ray ban outlet There is a technological and creative revolution underway, as educators água we need custom jerseys to plan beyond the horizon. This workshop is Cheap NFL Jerseys designed to help you gain inspiration and hands-on practical guidance around the use and integration of technology across Wholesale Jerseys the entire school system by designing alternative controllers for your Scratch programs.

Type cheap jerseys of participation: Workshop