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The Beauty and Joy of Computing — Intro CS for the world

Presenters: Brian Harvey, Daniel D. Garcia (US)

Summary: The Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC) is a Snap!-based intro computer science curriculum aimed at bringing serious CS ideas such as recursion and higher order functions to a broad audience, with special emphasis on traditionally excluded groups including women and minorities. We will describe our current work bringing BJC to New York City and invite translations for non-US audiences.

Type of participation: Talk

What is the best way to move from Scratch towards other programming languages?

Presenter: Lars Kobbe (DE)

Summary: This session addresses the question of how to help experienced Scratcher (yet otherwise beginners) move from Scratch to mainstream programming languages and reduce the typical frustration of beginners. We will review and discuss what makes Scratch (both as a language and as a platform) so engaging and fun and to what degree this experience can be re-created with other languages and platforms.

Type of participation: Talk

Collaboration in the Scratch Online Community

Presenter(s): Ricarose Roque and Eric Schilling (US)

Summary: In the Scratch online community, Scratchers can create, share, and remix projects as well as give feedback and discuss ideas. We’ll share stories of creative and inspiring ways that Scratch members collaborate in the community. These collaborative activities are emergent and driven by Scratchers and include activities like multi-animator projects, sprite contests, and remixing chains. We’ll also share how they are learning by creating, motivated by their interests, and supported by the community.

Type of participation: Discussion