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Presenter(s): Mari Luz Aguado (ES)

Summary: The Dr. Scratch web application is an analytical Wholesale Jerseys tool that Fake Oakleys evaluates your Scratch projects in a variety of computational areas providing feedback. This analyzer is a helpful tool to evaluate your own projects, or those of your Scratch students. It is oakley outlet suited to students custom jerseys of all ages because results shown are based on the level of Computational Thinking acquired by Cheap Jerseys the students.

Type of participation: Talk

Computational Thinking in the Schools of Spain and Latin America: more than just a MOOC, a community

Presenter(s): Xabier Basogain et al. (ES)

Summary: The MOOC “Computational Thinking in Cheap NFL Jerseys the Schools” is a course offered through platform MiriadaX. The course has been designed for teachers and those interested in learning GILBERT how to solve problems through the use of the programming language Scratch. The ray ban outlet paper describes the creation of an wholesale jerseys active learning cheap mlb jerseys community and summarizes its structure and initial results. Participants come from cheap jerseys from china 35 countries.

Type of participation: Talk

Scratch Teachers in Estonia

Presenter(s): Olga Mironova (EE)

Summary: We cheap ray bans provide examples of cheap oakleys different school lessons using Scratch made oakley outlet by teachers, who finished the course ‘Fundamentals of Application Development and Programming’ at Tallinn University of Technology. Their experience cheap jerseys in applications Biz development and teaching pupils. Methodical and didactic problems and tasks.

Type cheap oakleys of participation: Talk

When the Chicken met the Robot

Presenter(s): Mags Amond and Gillian Connolly (IE)

Summary: Developing the intersection between pedagogy and “techagogy” – how teachers Cheap Football Jerseys need to bring more computational thinking into ray bans sale their practice, and techies need to bring more pedagogy wholesale nfl jerseys into their explanations. Mags the Teacher and Gillian the Techie defensores met by chance, having each taken steps into each others’ world via cheap oakleys Coderdojo. In this presentation we’ll tell the story so far…

Type of replica oakleys participation: Talk

Peer Instruction for Scratch in Scratch

Presenter(s): Peter Donaldson (GB)

Summary: Peer Instruction is a teaching technique designed to encourage all learners to make predictions and share their current understanding with each other. It’s been used successfully in universities across the world but could it work in a high school context? This session will explain the PI process and how I’ve used it while stretching your brains with a PI session about Scratch in Scratch.

Type of participation: Talk

Scratch: a Tool for Gender Balance in IT

Presenter(s): Linda Derksen oakley outlet & Lieke Boon (NL)

Summary: In VHTO’s primary school project ‘Talentenkijker’, stereotypical thinking about science/tech and gender is challenged, and Scratch oakley outlet has been integrated into the project to teach pupils custom jerseys how wholesale nfl jerseys to program. VHTO will show lows how Scratch can weaken stereotypical thinking about IT & gender. We’ll present teachers’ experiences with Scratch, and discuss measures to increase the participation of women in IT.

Type of participation: Talk

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Simplify Scratch for teachers

Presenter(s): Iris Douma (NL)

Summary: At the wholesale jerseys Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Industrial Design (Playful Interactions) Iris Douma did work on developing technology-toolkits to support design oakley outlet based oakley outlet learning for primary education. Teachers want to work more creatively and let children experiment with new technology but Cheap mlb Jerseys have cheap nfl jerseys limited time. Some of them are Gorgeous afraid they do not know enough code to teach it. We work on ways to enable more children and teachers to include code in their designs. Scratch is a super tool to work with so if you like to support the idea come and help to simplify scratch for a ‘playful eduction toolkit’ that does not scare teachers!

Type of participation: Talk


Presenter(s): Pierre Rouanet (FR)

Summary: We will NBA Jerseys Cheap show how we connect Snap! to Poppy Creatures (http://www.poppy-project.org) company which are fully open-source robots based on 3D printing. Cheap Football Jerseys As dedicated scientists, educators, developers and artists, we all share a vision: robots are cheap nfl jerseys powerful tools to cheap jerseys learn and be creative with. We will show how using Snap! we can control a full humanoid robot fake oakleys in real time.

Type of participation: Talk

A bear called Babbage: the story of the Raspberry Pi community

Presenter: Clive Beale (GB)

Summary: In three years Raspberry Pi has sold over 5 million computers. But behind the hardware lies one of the strongest, proactive and most respected communities in computing education and the creative maker movement. This is the story of how we built the Pi community and, more importantly, how the community built us.

Type of participation: Talk