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Tangible Programming

Presenter(s): Tomohito Yashiro and Kazushi Mukaiyama (JP)

Summary: Tangible Programming, previously named as Material Programming, is a programming learning environment using physical blocks. In this conference, we will show the latest demonstration of Tangible Programming. Also, we report how people have used Tangible Programming. Through this demonstration, we would like to discuss the possibility of a Tangible Programming system with all attendees.

Type of participation: Poster

Tablet Scratch

Presenter(s): Shane M. Clements and Chris Willis-Ford (US)

Summary: Scratch is now on tablets! Come play with this new version of Scratch and take this opportunity to speak with MIT Scratch Team members about the new design. Though it’s still under development, you can try out projects from the Scratch website or create a new one. We’d love to hear what you think!

Type of participation: Poster

Pedagogy for Tomorrow

Presenter(s): Lilli Meloche (CA)

Summary: The excitement in learning that the world of Scratch brings to my grade 4 class is awe-inspiring. This presentation shows that Scratch facilitates personalized learning in math, science, history, biology, reading, writing, and even literature studies. The key component to empowering my students is, trusting them to find their passion and trusting Scratch to respond to and validate each student. My presentation will include samples of student work along with ‘unpacking’ the curriculum in these areas. The flexibility of Scratch to be used by all abilities aligns well with my teaching philosophy of personalized inquiry.

Type of participation: Poster