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‘What I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I understand.’ Lessons learned: 2 years Fabschool kids.

Presenter(s): Henk Buursen and Karien Vermeulen (NL)

Summary: Making is a por trend. And is cheap oakleys sunglasses fun. But more than fun for many people, making is a fundamental cheap authentic jerseys intrinsic need. In creating the world we encounter, we get new experiences and learn about what works and what does not. Making leads to new insights and cheap jerseys opportunities. And “Learning by making” provides a ray ban outlet wealth of opportunities for education.

Type cheap nhl jerseys of participation: Talk


Presenter(s): Mari Luz Aguado (ES)

Summary: The Dr. Scratch web application is an analytical Wholesale Jerseys tool that Fake Oakleys evaluates your Scratch projects in a variety of computational areas providing feedback. This analyzer is a helpful tool to evaluate your own projects, or those of your Scratch students. It is oakley outlet suited to students custom jerseys of all ages because results shown are based on the level of Computational Thinking acquired by Cheap Jerseys the students.

Type of participation: Talk

Connecting Scratch 2.0 with… everything!

Presenter(s): Massimo Avvisati (IT)

Summary: Scratch 2.0 offline editor offers the opportunity cheap nfl jerseys to all developers to create interesting extensions. In this short presentation we’ll see how cheap oakleys outlet to connect Scratch to a Processing “helper” enabling us to write customized blocks capable de to communicate to any kind of software or hardware! Internet of Things, online services or 3D video-games are oakley outlet just some examples of how this strategy can help educational projects cheap jerseys to go Fake Oakleys beyond Scratch limits!

Type of participation: Workshop

Computational Thinking in the Schools of Spain and Latin America: more than just a MOOC, a community

Presenter(s): Xabier Basogain et al. (ES)

Summary: The MOOC “Computational Thinking in Cheap NFL Jerseys the Schools” is a course offered through platform MiriadaX. The course has been designed for teachers and those interested in learning GILBERT how to solve problems through the use of the programming language Scratch. The ray ban outlet paper describes the creation of an wholesale jerseys active learning cheap mlb jerseys community and summarizes its structure and initial results. Participants come from cheap jerseys from china 35 countries.

Type of participation: Talk

Scratch Teachers in Estonia

Presenter(s): Olga Mironova (EE)

Summary: We cheap ray bans provide examples of cheap oakleys different school lessons using Scratch made oakley outlet by teachers, who finished the course ‘Fundamentals of Application Development and Programming’ at Tallinn University of Technology. Their experience cheap jerseys in applications Biz development and teaching pupils. Methodical and didactic problems and tasks.

Type cheap oakleys of participation: Talk

Scratch on SqueakJS: No plugin required

Presenter(s): Bert Freudenberg (DE)

Summary: Scratch was originally implemented in Squeak Smalltalk. These 1.x versions can jordan sale now be run Cheap NFL Jerseys in a web cheap jerseys browser thanks to SqueakJS. This is a full implementation of Squeak, so fake oakleys it is possible to Raffles look behind the scenes using custom jerseys the old shift-click-on-R trick.

Type of participation: Ignite

When the Chicken met the Robot

Presenter(s): Mags Amond and Gillian Connolly (IE)

Summary: Developing the intersection between pedagogy and “techagogy” – how teachers Cheap Football Jerseys need to bring more computational thinking into ray bans sale their practice, and techies need to bring more pedagogy wholesale nfl jerseys into their explanations. Mags the Teacher and Gillian the Techie defensores met by chance, having each taken steps into each others’ world via cheap oakleys Coderdojo. In this presentation we’ll tell the story so far…

Type of replica oakleys participation: Talk

Tickle: Visual Programming for Internet of Things (IoT)

Presenter(s): Mike Chen (TW)

Summary: Our world is rapidly fake oakleys becoming wirelessly connected. Tickle is a visual programming language explicitly designed for Internet of Things. Come try a variety hockey jerseys of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi devices that you can program right from your iPad, including cheap nfl jerseys drones, robots, again Arduino, and smart home Cheap nfl jerseys devices.

Type of ray ban sunglasses participation: Poster

Byte sized videos to jump start coding in Scratch, Snap and Processing

Presenter(s): Ursula Wolz, Fake Oakleys Chris Dunne (US)

Summary: Video tutorials are all the rage for providing blended instruction. This Cheap NFL Jerseys China presentation demonstrates cheap jordan key elements to a good video production that has cheap ray bans been field tested with Scratchers aged 9 – 14. Belasteguin Developed Cheap nfl jerseys with Chris Dunne, aka Wodunne in the Scratch community our technique provides immediate, efficient information for novice and intermediate programmers.

Type of participation: Poster