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Build your international Scratch-Wikis in your native language: World Wide Wikis

Presenter(s): fake oakleys Martin Wollenweber, cheap jerseys Linda Fernsel (DE)

Summary: Founders and members of oakley outlet the German language Scratch catena Wiki want to help international Scratch communities establish Scratch-Wikis in their own language. After we launched the German Wiki in fake oakleys 2012, last year authentic nfl jerseys followed an Indonesian and a Russian Wiki that we are actively supporting and all of us are connected through interwiki. What about your language?

Type of participation: Poster

Mitch Resnick

Mitch ResnickMitchel Resnick, Professor at the MIT Media Lab, directs the team that develops, coordinates, and supports Scratch. His research group also developed ideas underlying the LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO WeDo robotics kits, and it co-founded the Computer Clubhouse network of after-school learning centers. Resnick earned a BS in physics from Princeton, and an MS and PhD in computer science from MIT. He was awarded the McGraw Prize in Education in 2011. His favorite Scratch sprite is Gobo.


Meet the other keynote speakers:
Audrey WattersBeat Döbeli HoneggerEric RosenbaumLinda Liukas – Cynthia Solomon – Michelle Thorne

Linda Liukas

Linda Liukas (image from @lindaliukas)Linda Liukas co-founded RailsGirls in 2010. Rails Girls aims to give tools for women to build their ideas. And the idea resonated, nowadays it’s a truly global community opening up new perspectives for girls and women all around the world.

Some Rails Girls events this summer

Then in january 2014 she ran a kickstarter to raise $ 10K for Now, I want to combine software with storytelling. I want to write and illustrate a book for young children about the magical world of technology – Hello Ruby. When the campaign ended there was a staggering $380K to spend and Linda decided to rework the project to yet unknown levels. Her supporters didn’t received the book yet but receive on irregular basis chapters from the Making of-book. Full of struggle, dreams, ideas, … in one word inspiration.

Although the book isn’t there, the website has some nice activities to get you started.

Apart from her plenary talk Linda Liukas will lead a workshop at Scratch2015AMS.

Meet the other keynote speakers:

Cynthia Solomon – Michelle Thorne Mitch ResnickAudrey WattersBeat Döbeli HoneggerEric Rosenbaum

Audrey Watters


Audrey Watters: “I am an education writer, a recovering academic, a serial dropout, a rabble-rouser, and ed-tech’s Cassandra.”

We invited her to speak at this Scratch conference because of her consistent independent thoughts on The History of the Future of Education Technology via

When some of us gathered at Barcelona in 2013 Audrey visited Seymour Papert.

Meet the other keynote speakers:
Beat Döbeli HoneggerEric RosenbaumLinda Liukas – Cynthia Solomon – Michelle Thorne Mitch Resnick

Eric Rosenbaum

Eric Rosenbaum invents things so other people can start changing how the world works. While writing his PhD at MIT Medialab Eric has invented a lot.

MontessoriBellsChopin sideways. The good news about MelodyMorph is that it’s almost ready, the not so good news is that it’s already a few years at that stage. Enjoy his TEDxHGSE talk where Eric explains it as new pathways into musical creation.

Besides the keynote Eric will do a master class on his new Snap based BeetleBlocks.

Image Montessori Bells from

Meet the other keynote speakers:
Linda Liukas – Cynthia Solomon – Michelle Thorne Mitch ResnickAudrey WattersBeat Döbeli Honegger


Michelle Thorne

Michelle Thorne, Mozilla Labs

Michelle Thorne is coming to Scratch 2015 to share her thoughts on creative communities and participatory learning.  Her role as Mozilla’s Director of Web Literacy Programs and of the Mozilla Festival means she is immersed in a number of creative communities in the Mozilla Foundation.

She serves a global network of educators and activists striving for universal web literacy. Through leadership development, peer learning and hands-on making, she facilitates communities to teach the web in a creative way.

The range of activities and initiatives she is involved with gives her a valuable insight into what is a creative community and how to nurture these communities. The now annual Mozilla Festival (Mozfest) is a great example of her ability to bring people together to create a unique event, having grown from 350 attendees in 2010 to 1600 in 2014.

Meet the other keynote speakers:
Mitch ResnickAudrey WattersBeat Döbeli HoneggerEric RosenbaumLinda Liukas  – Cynthia Solomon

Bots and Bees

Presenter(s): Susan Nic Réamoinn (IE)

Summary: Beebots, Ohbot and Pi2Go: Cheap NFL Jerseys we’re all about the robotics! Come along and join in the fun of language sharing ray bans sale and robotic coding. We use robots Wholesale NFL Jerseys for oral language development and coding Cheap mlb Jerseys in the early years. See our little bees in motion and share your cheap nhl jerseys language with us.

Type of participation: Workshop

Create Real Apps With Blocks

Presenter(s): John Maloney, Jens Mönig, and Yoshiki Ohshima (US)

Summary: Join us for a hands-on “sneak preview” of a new programming system that lets you turn ray ban sunglasses your blocks projects into oakley sunglasses native apps cheap nfl jerseys that you can share and distribute. In red, this workshop, cheap ray bans you’ll try out a pre-alpha prototype of GP, a new blocks-all-the-way-down language that looks and feels similar to Scratch, fake ray bans but adds capabilities to create and deploy bigger and more complex projects. Limit: 30.

Type of participation: Workshop

Hip-Hop Dance and Scratch

Presenter(s): Ricarose Roque and Eric Schilling (US)

Summary: Join the MIT Scratch Team Cheap Jerseys in a hip-hop dance workshop using Scratch. In this workshop, we’ll program hip-hop dance designers moves, such as popping and toprocking. Afterwards, we’ll share our projects and discuss other interest-based pathways into Scratch. This project is part of an cheap oakleys initiative with the DML Research Hub Cheap NFL Jerseys and the wholesale jerseys Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society. No prior dance skills required.

Type of participation: Workshop

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