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When the Chicken met the Robot

Presenter(s): Mags Amond and Gillian Connolly (IE)

Summary: Developing the intersection between pedagogy and “techagogy” – how teachers Cheap Football Jerseys need to bring more computational thinking into ray bans sale their practice, and techies need to bring more pedagogy wholesale nfl jerseys into their explanations. Mags the Teacher and Gillian the Techie defensores met by chance, having each taken steps into each others’ world via cheap oakleys Coderdojo. In this presentation we’ll tell the story so far…

Type of replica oakleys participation: Talk

Tickle: Visual Programming for Internet of Things (IoT)

Presenter(s): Mike Chen (TW)

Summary: Our world is rapidly fake oakleys becoming wirelessly connected. Tickle is a visual programming language explicitly designed for Internet of Things. Come try a variety hockey jerseys of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi devices that you can program right from your iPad, including cheap nfl jerseys drones, robots, again Arduino, and smart home Cheap nfl jerseys devices.

Type of ray ban sunglasses participation: Poster

Byte sized videos to jump start coding in Scratch, Snap and Processing

Presenter(s): Ursula Wolz, Fake Oakleys Chris Dunne (US)

Summary: Video tutorials are all the rage for providing blended instruction. This Cheap NFL Jerseys China presentation demonstrates cheap jordan key elements to a good video production that has cheap ray bans been field tested with Scratchers aged 9 – 14. Belasteguin Developed Cheap nfl jerseys with Chris Dunne, aka Wodunne in the Scratch community our technique provides immediate, efficient information for novice and intermediate programmers.

Type of participation: Poster

Teaching abstraction in computer science through the use of Scratch

Presenter(s): Dr. Michal Armoni (IL)

Summary: Abstraction is one of the most wholesale jerseys fundamental throwback nba jerseys ideas in computer science (CS). However, teaching this soft concept to novices is a very complicated task. In our research we examine a simple pedagogical strategy for cheap jordan teaching abstraction as part of an introductory CS unit to 7th graders. This unit covers basic ideas and of CS fake ray ban sunglasses through cheap jerseys the use of Scratch.

Type of participation: Poster

Interactive Computer Science Learning Tools for Adults

Presenter(s): Arteesha Bosamia (GB)

Summary: cheap oakley sunglasses This poster will include interactive demonstration of a mobile tool that I have created for adults Vinyl to learn particular CS concepts (such as sorting algorithms). The purpose behind Fake Oakleys project is to help adults in their learning of a ray ban sunglasses particular CS concept through mobile gaming which can appeal to hockey jerseys a wider audience and encourage adults that have an interest in learning concepts, but have difficulties utilising currently existing fake oakleys resources.

Type of participation: Poster

GP: A Scratch-like Language for Applications

Presenter(s): John Maloney, Jens Mönig, Yoshiki Ohshima (US)

Summary: This poster session will present GP, custom jerseys a new, Scratch-like oakley outlet blocks cheap oakleys language that can deploy finished applications. GP (currently under development) can be extended by writing code wholesale nfl jerseys as either Cheap NFL Jerseys text or blocks. started Stop by for a demo and let us know what you think.

Type of participation: Poster

Imagine Scratch in 3D

Presenter(s): Derek Breen (US)

Summary: StarLogo Nova cheap nba jerseys brings Wholesale Jerseys blocks-based programming into Cheap Jerseys the third dimension. While StarLogo TNG added blocks and a 3D workspace, Nova is a more streamlined simulation and Wholesale China Jerseys game development tool, running in the browser and taking full advantage of oakley outlet cloud-based services. Best of all it is free to use and available action right now at!

Type of participation: Poster

The SQLsnap! supermarket

Presenter(s): Eckart Modrow (DE)

Summary: Following the ideas of the “Beauty and oakley outlet Joy of Computing” within the context of German CS-curricula, I show how the use of computer systems in common social situations Your can be Cheap NFL Jerseys China modelled algorithmically cheap jordan using Snap!. The necessary additional tools — Cheap Football Jerseys easily derived from an example environment — are described and wholesale jerseys implemented.

Type of participation: Paper